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As a business owner, you understand the time and resources you need to invest in your employees and their benefits. Well-Pro Insurance Solutions, Inc. can help you optimize, and in many cases reduce, the cost of your investment with solutions that will create value for both you and your employees.

Well-Pro Insurance Solutions, Inc. has helped companies in the design and implementation of marketing and communication strategies, and decision support tools that focus on helping employees better understand their benefit options and make selections that best fit their needs.

Progressive Communication

Communications and social media are changing at an incredible pace.  Well-Pro Insurance, Inc. communicates effectively through many ways of media, customized for your company to speak to all of your employees.

A recent insurance company study found that 81% of employees say they understand the value of their benefits and 90% were comfortable with their ability to make good benefit decisions when given 3 or more communications 3 or more weeks prior to their enrollment (The Science of Choice, Unum study 2011).  Well-Pro Insurance Solutions, Inc. believes in this multiple-communication approach for benefit enrollments.  We are able to produce customized communications that speak to each employee.


Benefit Counselors

Benefit Counselors are a valuable resource for employees when making an informed decision that affects them and their family. Having a knowledgeable Benefits Counselor available to educate and guide your employees in the benefit selection process helps them secure the appropriate benefits to meet their needs.

In a recent survey conducted by Research Now for Aflac, 56% of workers estimated they wasted up to $750 because of mistakes made with insurance benefits elections. In addition, 24% of workers said they chose the wrong level of insurance coverage or benefit options they didn’t need (2012 Aflac WorkForces Report, 2012).


Voluntary Benefits

Well-Pro Insurance Solutions, Inc. works with the Allstate Benefits voluntary plans  that will help fill gaps in coverage for your employees. Our wide selection of products includes various life options, disability, critical illness and cancer plans, accident coverage, and others.

Video on Critical Illness coverage: Critical Illness
Video on Accident coverage: Accident Plan
Video on Cancer coverage:Cancer Plan

Account Consultant Team

Our superior Accounts Consultant Team will assist your human resources or benefits manager with every aspect of employee communications, education of your benefit plans, and much more.

Our Accounts Consultant Team will lead and facilitate your enrollment to achieve the best results for your HR and payroll teams from initiation of a new enrollment to the ongoing maintenance and support of all subsequent enrollments.  We are available to answer any questions and help with challenges that you and your employees might have.

The enrollment process and administration of benefits is a time-consuming process and can be very overwhelming.  Well-Pro Insurance Solutions, Inc. will have a well-trained team of counselors that will support you during the enrollment process and follow through with details of administration.

Accounts Administration Team

Well-Pro Insurance Solutions, Inc. has a first-rate Accounts Administration Team that will assist you with all of the details of administration, billing, tracking, policy status, claims and any other questions you and your employees may encounter about the programs.

If you have any questions or need additional information about our services, please call (909) 267-3550 or email Well-Pro Insurance Solutions.

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